Little Miracle

I feel so incredibly lucky; like I hit a jackpot in lucky, that I have the privilege of capturing this honest to goodness miracle and hopefully giving her equally incredible parents something to cherish for years to come. 

It all started when I ran into a friend out for a walk. This particular friend was down in the books for a maternity session in the near future. She stopped me and asked me if she could gift her maternity session to another expecting mother. There were complications, the future of the unborn child was unknown and this beautiful, caring friend of mine wanted to give away her session to this other mother to help ease her grief and hopefully create some good memories for her. I was so moved by her gesture. Of course!

Then meeting this amazing expecting mother, taking her photograph as she told me the story of her unborn child who had already had more trials and resultant miracles than most grown adults ever see. Yet she had such optimism, such faith in the living being growing inside her and in her Heavenly Father. I can say I was beyond moved. Her story has stayed with me, increasing my faith and hope in life. 

Then the awesome day came when I got an email that this little miracle had been born, had survived a lengthy stay in the NICU and was now cleared to come home! Would I mind doing a newborn session?! I couldn't get there quick enough. The feeling in this home as the mom and dad cared for their bundle was a tangible love. It made my job incredible easy, the emotion was floating in the air. No need to force or pose, these three were living joy. 

So, to get a third chance to see this trio in action was a no brainer. Nothing fancy, nothing forced, just a quick visit to their home and once again, I come away amazed at the faith, the optimism, the strength and the love present in this family. I hope this dear mother and father know how much I admire them.  How much I want to be more like them.